Thursday, October 18, 2007

Concert Review - Porcupine Tree @ The Orange Peel, Asheville, NC Oct. 10, 2007

On October 10th I had the privilege of standing no more than 20 feet from Steven Wilson, progressive rock legend, musical genius, guitar hero, modern-day poet, master of sonic wizardry, and "international pop star". And of course the rest of the band, one of the world's great bands, IMHO.
I would go into all the details of my trip, but it's a week later, so here's the condensed version -
Opening act was Three, very Spinal Tap-ish, "people of weight" up front, all with B.C. Rich Warlock-type guitars, long hair, the lead player had a fan blowing on him to make his hair blow around, very cheesy. In the midst of these guys was a keyboardist/second drummer, who had a shaved head and a golf shirt, I told my buddies "I can't take this band seriously, that dude looks just like my brother-in-law". We saw him at Barley's after the show. Anyway, these guys were ok if you like sword-and-sorcery Ronnie James Dio type stuff, not my cup of tea.
After a short break between bands, PT came on, opening with "Fear of a Blank Planet"

TV, yeah it's always on The flicker of the screen A movie actress screams I'm basking in the shit flowing out of it

I'm stoned in the mall again Terminally bored Shuffling round the stores And shoplifting is getting so last year's thing

X-box is a god to me A finger on the switch My mother is a bitch My father gave up ever trying to talk to me

You get the idea, anyway, here's the setlist for those of you who are familiar with these guys- (looks short, but many of their songs are long). Highlights were Lazarus, one of the finest pieces of songwriting you'll ever hear , Blackest Eyes, when they kicked into that one, it was as if a jolt of electricity went thru the crowd, people starting really getting into it, Even Less, with it's epic arena-rock slide guitar (awesome song) and Dark Matter, great, great, classic/prog rock workout.
Lastly, Green Man IPA is a world-class beer, have one at Jack of the Wood next time you're in Asheville. You won't regret it. And if you have a fast computer, check this out, be sure to watch past the swirly intro until the robot dude shows up. VERY trippy. Be sure to crank it up.
What Happens Now?
Sound of Muzak
Nil Recurring
Open Car
Blackest Eyes
A Smart Kid
Way Out Of Here
Sleep Together
Even Less
Dark Matter